Thursday, June 30, 2016

De Dion and Rear Suspension fitted

Rear suspension and De Dion fitted in my absence.
I can't say too much about the events here owing to Dad working on the car on his own, but he has achieved a lot! In two days he's managed to fit the rear suspension and the De Dion tube on his own. Not only that, the brake line that required bending has been done, with no crimps (I believe it was bent around a largish socket to achieve this). Amazing when you have all the parts! 

Throttle cable and pedal arm.
Derek sent us the new throttle cable, however we're still not sure if it's correct. The pic you see above is after Dad was advised to bend the throttle pedal arm rearwards to achieve the correct range of movement of the throttle butterfly valve at the other end. However, coupled with the Assembly Guide picture suggesting routing of the cable around the top of the front of the engine it isn't quite long enough. The reason I say this is because the distance of the sheath between the clip mounted to the plenum (immediately below) and the plastic clip that goes through into the pedal box (further below) defines this length. This says to us that the sheath on the cable is too short and bending the throttle pedal arm is a bit of a cheat. We're going to leave as is for now and take further advice.

Clip onto the plenum
Clip passing through into the pedal box
 One of the outstanding issues is the routing of the lambda sensor wiring to the loom. We're not liking the idea of having to drill holes in the front of the square tubing at the base of the pedal box (shown below, just above the line of rivets covered by the silver heat shielding). This is because of the potential for water to ingress and rot the tubing out from the inside. We'll have to take advice on that however.

Lambda sensor, where to route the wiring?
The wiring for the oil pressure/temp sensor from the near the modine is rather long also, however we've been told that this is normal (probably to account for the dry sump system option?) and just to tie it up.

Oil (Pressure/Temp?) sensor wiring, loads of it, where to route it? Note the primer on the tubing, (scratched in the factory).
That's it for now! Hopefully my next post will include me helping with building the car...

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