Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Some good news!

We've been away in Hong Kong for a family wedding last week and landed back at Heathrow very early this morning, fortunately I slept ok on the flight so all in all I'm not feeling too bad. We've needed a holiday after a hugely busy summer, nice to get away from things for a while, see family, get some sun and not have to deal with the daily grind. Feeling refreshed and reset, ready to go again.

Whilst we were away Derek emailed about the chassis problem saying that it's been rectified and is now ready for redelivery! The washer on the bracket had been welded out of alignment and this has now been corrected. Delivery scheduled for tomorrow! Hopefully we can now start building (again) in earnest. I hope that the rework is of a good standard and the offending washer has been moved, not just drilled through, creating an elongated bolt hole. We wouldn't be too happy about that, especially considering all the forces this has to deal with (weight, suspension, steering etc).

Although having to return the chassis to be reworked was very disappointing I'm being philosophical about the whole affair. Yes it shouldn't have happened, however problems occur from time to time and we're not the first and definitely won't be the last Caterham owner to have them. We still have confidence in Caterham and their engineering. Also, having the chassis reworked and redelivered in only a week has meant in reality we've not lost too many build days, especially considering we've had this wedding to attend planned for a over a year. Other people's blogs have been invaluable in preparing us by raising potential pitfalls and problems that other owners have had and as a result we've come into this with our eyes wide open. In turn hopefully our aim is that this blog informs and helps others that come after us and the cycle can repeat itself (after all we are a community, aren't we?). Caterham (i.e. Derek) also has been at all times professional, courteous and prompt in all our dealings and we confident that any issues we have going forward will continue to be resolved in a similar manner.

Now to get into excited schoolboy mode again for what I'm calling 'Delivery 2.0'!

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