Saturday, November 14, 2015

Later that First Day.

I've been abroad for work and my flight only got back early this morning, so haven't had time to update. Suffice to say we haven't actually started building the car!

My previous post detailed the delivery and move of the kit into the garage, however this only took up the first half of the morning. We spent the rest of the day taking an inventory of the parts and organising the boxes, ready to start building this upcoming week (I hope!). I have to say it was a little bit like Christmas; the excitement of opening boxes and finding new parts (not always placed logically together), with the 'present opening' lasting well into the afternoon.

'Present opening'! Prop shaft, 'A' frame, exhaust headers in this (rather heavy) box.

From reading other blogs I was already aware that the customer's kit was not always complete (nor did they sometimes even come with the correct parts). As a result I was expecting the worst, but hoping for the best. I have to say, I have been pleasantly surprised. It would appear, so far, we have the vast majority of the parts required, in the specification that we ordered. We haven't checked every nut and bolt - too numerous to count and we really don't want to waste time, when we could be building other things. However the inventory taking threw up a couple of anomalies, no RH SV Driveshaft and two right hand mirrors! Not having a supplied build manual (apparently have to be downloaded and printed yourself), I thought was a little cheap. Fortunately I had already thought ahead and done one myself.

Right hand wing mirrors, may need one of those changing...

When the chassis was first moved into the garage it was initially placed onto the wheels and tyres (see my previous post). However, we used some off-cuts of old carpet and wrapped it around the 'V' of the axle stands and held them together using some garden wire (used for holding up plants). I think that'll prevent any scratching of the powder coating whilst we build her.

You can just about see the off-cuts of carpet protecting the chassis tubes on the axle stands.

Although little visible progress appears to have been made I did manage to spend some time on my flights to review the Assembly Guide and have a look at the build order. Hopefully the time spent highlighted some areas of concern and maybe expose some potential traps before they come up during assembly.

Next time I hope to update you with some actual parts on the car!

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