Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Progress is my middle name...(Build day 3)

Managed to get a fair amount done today, got pretty much through the rest of the front suspension before the old enemy of missing parts reared its head (more on that later).

Fitted the Bilstein spring dampers first, no real issues, just had to file down the inside of the lower wishbones due to too excess powder coat and to ensure that everything moved freely.

 Spring Dampers fitted

Next we moved onto fitting the uprights, again no real issues, the manual was pretty good in this area and everything worked pretty well. The only thing we had to sort was the cycle wing holders; the flat plate that fits just below the top wishbone ball-joint had to be gently tapped to sit horizontally and to fit onto the outside of the upright (see below).

 Completed front suspension (mostly)

We also managed to burr one of the special extended nyloc nuts (oops). Mainly because we were using an impact socket (much thicker side walls) and due to the angle of the lower wishbone (see below) restricting access. As a result we couldn't get as much purchase on the nut and the socket just rolled off. Fortunately Derek is kindly sending us out a new one and we'll replace it once it arrives (using a thinner socket this time!).

Burred the special nut on bottom of the Upright (oops)

Another view looking forwards.

We were on a roll but unfortunately we couldn't finish today's task list due to the absence of the bolts and spring washers for the front anti-roll bar brackets. However pretty happy with today's work!

However getting this done was a step in the right direction and we're finally getting into the stride of everything. The only issues still being the ever-present missing fixings and vague manual instructions.

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